Could Fashion Save the Golf Game?

FORAY apparel caters to the game’s growing minority, women.

The golf industry has been experiencing a slow, sometimes stagnant, climb in the past few years, a trend many attribute to the change in our culture. As generations of golf gods retire, and the fast-paced age of the millennial comes into its prime, fewer golfers are motivated or even willing to spend hours on the course. Today’s golfers are in search of value; they want an experience that maximizes both their time and money, and they’ve grown tired of the same old game.

If anyone can save the game, it is going to be the groups that were previously overlooked—including minorities and women. Golf is no longer a leisure sport rewarding just the businessman during his time off. Instead, the number of dual-income homes has increased and the golf course has become just as much a woman’s oasis as a man’s. Moreover, golf is morphing into a family activity as more kids and young adults are taking an interest in the sport. 

Though historically notorious for its formality, golf is no longer reserved for the elite. New fans are looking for ways to make golf fun and fresh. Whether it's by putting a spin on the game, like glow golf or Topgolf, or keeping things short and sweet by promoting 9-hole games, companies looking to stay afloat are going to have to reformat and find innovative ways to market golf.

FORAY GOLF, a new women's golf apparel brand, is reviving golf through fashion. Golf style has been slow to evolve, and for women, fresh style options have been nearly non-existent. Megan LaMothe, former director of design operations for Victoria’s Secret, launched FORAY GOLF in July of 2017 to bring something exciting to both golf and fashion. As the number of female players increases, FORAY GOLF debuted as a cornerstone in golf fashion, selling out many of its collections within days of launching operations.

LaMothe understands the appeal for women to show off their style, and with this new brand of modern sportswear, female golfers are going to love showing up and showing off at the golf course. FORAY GOLF apparel is nothing like your mother’s golf clothes or anything else in your local pro shop. With contemporary designs, high performance materials, and fashion-forward styling, the course may be quiet, but your fashion statement will be loud!

The collection retails from $150 for polo shirts to $500 for “high-tech” jackets, with the bulk of the collection in the $150 to $200 range. Some skirts and shorts have hidden pockets to stash cell phones, golf tees or other items. Bodysuits are designed to keep golfers’ stomachs covered when they swing.

Located in New York City, FORAY GOLF’s goal is to empower women to engage in a sporting lifestyle by providing limited-edition fashion apparel that also performs on the golf course. For the women who may have thought of golf as bland, FORAY GOLF makes the game appealing. Women’s golf is only growing and with FORAY GOLF as the main player in golf fashion, women have never looked better on the course.